Our attorneys in the Higgins, Cavanagh & Cooney Family Law Practice Group concentrate in a particular aspect of domestic relations – divorce involving high-net-worth individuals with substantial real and personal property including but not limited to partnership or business interests, pension plans, stocks, homes, and investments.

With considerable experience and depth of practice in providing a clear understanding of extremely complex financial situations, we are especially able to advocate for fair outcomes on behalf of our clients. This is particularly true in divorces involving owners of family-owned businesses. As a result, we maintain excellent relationships with the highest regarded experts in the fields of real estate and business valuations.

In addition, we frequently represent parties with a residence in another state or who are otherwise able to file for divorce in multiple jurisdictions, where laws governing property distribution and custody might also vary.

Our attorneys have the broad knowledge and skill to litigate aggressively a divorce to its conclusion both at the trial and appellate level. We respond promptly in resolving not only property distribution, but complicated matters relating to support and custody as well.

Our lawyers are always able to assist clients through negotiation and mediation, if the issues can be resolved without resort to trial.

Even in complicated situations, too many persons attempt to represent themselves before the Family Court or with counsel having limited experience in handling divorces where a party has substantial assets and interests in complex business arrangements.

In an effort to resolve significant domestic disputes on their own, these individuals often regret those decisions later. Very rarely are divorces involving high-net-worth individuals simple and straightforward.

We remain steadfast in maintaining the highest level of confidentiality, sensitivity, dedication and professionalism in each and every case. Our clients are involved in each and every step of the process.

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