The attorneys in our Corporate Practice Group assist many clients in a broad range of matters, including choice of entity decisions, preparing diverse business, employment, tax, commercial, financial and other documents which frequently arise in a corporate setting.

Higgins, Cavanagh & Cooney attorneys assist many new companies and entrepreneurs in numerous areas of corporate law.

One of the first decisions your organization will face is the type of entity your business should be. We can be especially helpful in determining which structure best suits your business, tax and legal needs. The options in forming an appropriate structure for your business include:

– Sole proprietorship.

– General partnership.

– ­­­­­C-corporation.

– S-corporation.

– Limited liability company.

– Limited liability partnership.

Our lawyers also help businesses avoid litigation by drafting carefully crafted corporate documents to facilitate current and future day-to-day operations, including buy-sell agreements, non-compete agreements, confidentiality documents, and employee handbooks and guidelines.

Corporate governance and compliance with government regulations are essential components of any successful business. We are experienced in counseling businesses on a range of compliance and regulatory matters from tax elections and updating stock records to the fiduciary responsibilities of owners, executives and directors.

We assist businesses in the planning and execution of acquiring another business organization as well as in divesting all or part of existing operations.

Similarly, we have assisted many professional practices and other entities in the dissolution of their business. Our lawyers have the expertise to counsel owners to a satisfactory resolution and, if necessary, resolve any serious lasting differences through arbitration, mediation or litigation.
For these and other related transactions, our lawyers are skilled in guiding your business through every aspect of corporate life.

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