DRI’s Seminar in Nashville, Tennessee

Last week HCC attorneys, Steve Cooney and Austin Hevey attended DRI’s Seminar in Nashville, Tennessee. DRI is the largest bar association for civil defense attorneys and in-house counsel. The Seminar drew attorneys and professionals from across North America and beyond. Attorney Cooney attended a national conference of delegates as DRI State Representative for Rhode Island. He also serves in advisory roles on DRI Committees for insurance law, litigation skills and products liability. Attorney Hevey, a member of the DRI Young Lawyers division, attended seminars focusing on best practices in trial advocacy, pretrial conferences, and depositions pertaining to corporate clients. In addition to topical presentations hosted by some of the country’s most influential civil defense litigators, the event provided opportunities for networking with peers and industry leaders to discuss salient legal topics in their respective fields. Higgins, Cavanagh & Cooney, LLP is proud to represent a longstanding affiliation with DRI and perennial commitment to learning innovative strategies to best serve its clients’ needs.